Organic food

In Argienea we are very aware of the quality of food, we use organic and kilometer 0 products as much as possible. Therefore, we cook with the seasonal vegetables provided by our orchards, the rest of products we try to acquire from nearby ecological producers or from Landare, an association of consumers of organic products in Pamplona.

For all who want, we also have ecological wine and beer, although we recommend a moderate consumption to be able to carry out all activities without alterations.

In the retreats we organize, in weekends or in summer, we offer a closed vegetarian menu. This menu includes first course, second course, dessert, water, bread and infusion/coffee.


  - Hand-kneaded loaf, with sourdough and triple fermentation throughout 48 hours.
  - Delicious brown rice with vegetable milk, zero sugar.
  - Seasonal fruit or vegetable smoothie with seasonal fruit.
  - Butter and jams.
  - Tomato to spread, oil and salt.
  - Freshly ground coffee and various infusions.
  - We always offer a salty dish, be it potato omelet, goat cheese, assorted toast...


  - First vegetarian course.
  - Second vegetarian course.
  - Dessert.
  - Homemade bread.
  - Coffee or infusion.

If you have any kind of intolerance let us know at the time of booking and we will prepare a menu adapted to your needs.



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